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Accelerating Business
Transformation Through IT Innovation
This report marks the next phase of the ongoing Transform initiative. It is built squarely on the opinions of 250 business executives across a wide plane of disciplines in different parts of the world. We set out to learn about how important technology is to them, who is driving change in their organizations, how they interact with IT groups, what they view as top priorities for IT, and the business impacts of technologies.

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Points of View


Assistant Deputy Minister of Community Safety Outcomes
Government of Saskatchewan

Point of View Expressed:
Sorting Out Big Data on the Canadian Prairie


Magdalena Kotek – Marketing Leader of Global Financial Solutions
GE Capital

Point of View Expressed:
Keeping Big Data from Getting Too Big

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14 – 23
Management Essentials for Transforming Enterprise IT
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DCD Converged Singapore
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Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
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Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network
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Dimension Data
Worldwide sponsor of the Transform to Better Perform program, Dimension Data is a global leader in the provision and management of IT infrastructure solutions and services. The company helps organizations around the world transform IT to improve business performance. Learn More
A leading Transform to Better Perform partner, DatacenterDynamics offers the data center community a rich portfolio of events, intelligence and professional development programs. Learn More



This exclusive CIO Roundtable has been organized by the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network to generate fresh thinking and best practice ideas around an emerging, new scorecard for IT. Learn More To enroll, email Sally: [email protected]
San Francisco
Sept 30, 2015
Discover the Keys to Success for IT Transformation Across Industries.
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