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Accelerating the Tour de France,
A Revolutionary Viewing Experience

The Tour de France will never be the same after a technology team from Dimension Data applies state-of-the-art data analytics to help the 22 teams make informed decisions about their race strategies.

Next-Generation Data Centres for Dummies

Next-Generation Data Centres for Dummies explores the trends and outlines the challenges facing data centres today, spells out the promises of the next-generation data centre and suggests how to get there.

Next-generation Data Centre

The promise of a next-generation data centre is alluring. Many IT leaders are enthusiastically pursuing this new model which holds potential to transform the data centre into a dynamic and agile asset: one that serves as a business response centre that will scale to meet the growing demands of the business and users.

The relationship between data centre strategy and energy-efficient data centres

As our hunger for data grows, so do the requirements of the data center. These demands have led to concerns about not only the high costs of operating data centers, but also their environmental impact.

The future of the data centre in the cloud era

Cloud computing continues to raise questions about the future of the data center. Read on to explore how careful planning can help establish a powerful union between your data center and the cloud.

Backup and disaster recovery plans get cloudy

Disasters are everyday news. How well would your organization recover from one? Old backup and disaster recovery plans are no longer adequate. The good news is that new approaches and technologies, including cloud, can save the day.

Top 5 data centre pain points and remedies for overcoming them

The data center continues its steady evolution from a mega facility, filled with disparate technologies that are difficult to integrate, maintain, and manage, into a more agile business response center.

Software defined data centre making the inevitable achievable

Without a robust underlying network, it’s not feasible to work from home, connect to the cloud, or consolidate data centers into fewer locations. As these trends amplify, so does the pressure on the network to be both robust and flexible.

Diving into data centre automation

Many organizations struggle with the complexities of achieving a fully functional, automated data center environment. How do you plan for automation in terms of skills, policy, and processes?

How cloudy is my IT forecast

Practical considerations for integrating on-premise and cloud environments to deliver the right outcomes for your business

Are we there yet? virtualisation to cloud

Cloud offers the promise of business agility, cost benefit and predictability. The technology is reliable, it’s easy to use, and there are the economic benefits of paying for only what you use.

Big gets bigger, small gets smaller

The data center market is entering a period of unprecedented transition. With this shift come a number of significant changes. Enterprise-owned data centers are shrinking in size while mega-facilities continue to grow.

Data center trends to watch in 2015

What does 2015 hold in store for data center professionals? Read as Dimension Data experts discuss the top trends to watch and their expected impact on business.

Dimension Data completes big data analytics and digital delivery platform for Tour de France

June 30, 2015 – Dimension Data today announced that it has completed its big data analytics and digital delivery platform from which the company will deliver real-time information on individual riders for the first time in the history of professional cycling. Read more

Deloitte Consulting LLP selects Dimension Data Cloud to deliver business transformation

May 18, 2015 – Dimension Data, the USD 6.7 billion global ICT solutions and services provider, today announced that Deloitte Consulting LLP has chosen Dimension Data as the cloud service provider to deliver Enterprise Application and Analytic workloads for business transformation and the Dimension Data Managed Cloud Platform™ (MCP), as the infrastructure-as-a-service. Read more

Dimension Data and NTT DATA Join Forces to Deliver New Cloud Solutions to SAP Clients

May 13, 2015 – Dimension Data, the USD 6.7 billion global ICT solutions and services provider, and its sister NTT Group company, NTT DATA, a leading global IT services provider, today jointly announced a new set of end-to-end services that help clients leverage the agility and costs advantages of moving their SAP applications to the cloud. Read more

Dimension Data and NTT DATA Join Forces to Deliver New Cloud Solutions to SAP Clients.

May 13, 2015 – Dimension Data and NTT DATA, jointly announced a set of end-to-end services that help clients leverage the agility and costs advantages of moving their SAP applications to the cloud. Read more

NTT Innovation Institute Announces the Availability of the 2015 Global Threat Intelligence Report

May 12, 2015 – NTT Innovation Institute (NTT I³) today announced the release of the 2015 NTT Global Threat Intelligence Report (GTIR).Read more

Dimension Data Announces Intelligent Storage Management Service

May 5, 2015 – Dimension Data announced that it would use EMC® ViPR® and ViPR SRM in the delivery of its own Managed Service for Storage, enabling intelligent storage management for clients globally. Read more

Dimension Data Scoops 23 Awards Including Three Global Partner of the Year Awards at Cisco Partner Summit 2015

April 30, 2015 – At the Cisco’s Global Awards, Dimension Data received three Global Partner of the Year Awards: Americas; Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia; and Asia Pacific and Japan awards. Read more

Dimension Data Launches Data Centre Maturity Tool to Help Companies Migrate to the Next-Generation Data Centre.

March 31, 2015 – Dimension Data launches a new maturity tool that helps organisations assess their capabilities and prioritise initiatives for building a next-generation data centre. Read more

Dimension Data Signs Five Year Official Technology Partner Deal with Tour de France Owners

March 5, 2015 – Dimension Data and Amaury Sport Organisation (ASO), owners of the Tour de France, signed a five-year deal that will see Dimension Data as the Official Technology Partner of ASO.Read more

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