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Top 5 Data Center Trends to Watch in 2015

The Move to Software-Based Everything…

Diving into Data Center Automation

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The Move to Software-Based Everything – How Secure is Programmable Infrastructure?

Software-defined networking and storage has been touted as one of the greatest technology changes yet to hit the ICT industry in many years. The general trend is towards software dominance in all areas, and for good reason. But the industry is still neglecting to ask some crucial questions about security. Exactly how vulnerable is a programmable infrastructure? Read

How Cloudy Is My IT Forecast?

Cloud has the potential to shrink the gap between what the business needs and what IT is able to deliver. Where does your organization stand? Practical considerations for integrating on-premise and cloud environments to deliver the right outcomes for your business. Read

Diving Into Data Center Automation

Many organizations struggle with
the complexities of achieving a fully functional, automated data center environment while trying to optimize IT utilization and minimize waste. How do you plan for automation in terms of skills, policy, and processes? Read

Bigger Gets Bigger, Smaller Gets Smaller

The data center market is enteringa period of unprecedented transition. With this shift comes a number of significant – and perhaps surprising – changes. Smaller, enterprise-owned data centres are shrinking, while mega-facilities continue to grow. What are the dynamics behind this evolution, and how can you capitalize on it to position your business for success? Read

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