Responding to growing market and business demands, IT organizations worldwide are in the midst of a massive shift in how they perceive, build, manage and support the infrastructure, applications, data, and services that run business operations and customer experiences. The rise of social, mobile, analytics and cloud are driving the need for a faster pace of business innovation. Those and other forces are prompting organizations to look beyond the traditional data center to the cloud.

These changes will require a new vision and operating model for IT infrastructure and service delivery—one that is far more responsive, adaptive, scalable and efficient than yesterday’s version.

Transform to Better Perform is a new global thought leadership initiative developed by the Business Performance Innovation Network in partnership with Dimension Data. It is dedicated to helping business leaders, IT organizations, data professionals and technology providers explore the transformation of the data center into cloud-based environments that meet today’s business needs.

The initiative brings together new thinking, tools and resources to drive greater conversation and interaction around this important discussion. We will deliver new survey-based research reports, strategic briefs, video content, face-to-face discussions, white papers, web interactions and other tools to help executives understand and prioritize data center and IT transformation. We are also creating a new virtual community for data center operations and IT pros, called the Frontline Feedback Forum, to help these professionals network and communicate their points of view.